Ahoy there, pirate bunch,

the September news arrived. We have brought loot by our last trip.

Canita is a specialist for the Amazons. She's like a phantom in the jungle, difficult to hit and a lightning-fast Slayer. Even in a cluster she can accurately hit the smallest wasp with her bow.


To give your crews more and faster boats, we have acquired a new boat.

 A Piraqua can accommodate 2 passengers and be used for the following teams: Amazons, Brotherhood and Goblin Pirates.


All new items are available immediately.

Your team of Freebooter Miniatures!



Ahoy there, pirate bunch,

There’s a whole bunch of exciting new stuff in August. It is never too late to learn - so off you go to Wolfgang's mortar school. Learn fun new ways to blow stuff up!

A scenario for 2-6 students of the new-fangled high-angled fire weapons. With a chance to win the big fluffy octopus.

Wolfgang is a specialist for pirates and mercenaries and is well-versed in the use of high-angle fire weapons. He loves to lob exploding things at unsuspecting targets. SO keep checking the skies.

Squawk is a goblin pirate specialist and may well be a few feathers short of a full set of plumage, if you know what we mean. This, um, thingy is rather difficult to hit. Which might be due to the gaudy colours of its costume. Or it might not.


Plus, there are now all sorts of gadgets to tune your boats with.

Boat equpment: Take your pick. A nice figurehead? Rope fenders? A one-size-fits-all-oh-well-who-cares flotation device? A nice lantern for a bit of romantic atmosphere while you’re being shot at on Longfall’s canals? Make your boat into the envy of all the other captains. Make it flash. Make it shiny. And make it even more useful.


And if that wasn’t enough, we also have a new card box by Ultimate Guard in our portfolio now. It's white. Very snazzy. Very posh.


All new items are available immediately.

Your team of Freebooter Miniatures!



Ahoy pirate bunch,

Summer will be hot.... soon, so there will be some proper action in cool water.

Buzo is a specialist of the Goblin Pirates and the most agile frogmen throughout Goblinopolis. With his harpoon he can fire his monstrous arrows even out of the water. So always take care when you go dabbling in Longfall.


Additionally we have received a restock of 4Ground buildings.


All new items are available now.


Your team of the Freebooter Miniatures!

New Official Downloads

From now on you can download and play simplified Loa invocation.

Invoking loas is supposed to become faste and thus more fun and more effective. To this end, we took a page from our own book (the "Battles!" rules to be precise) and fiddled with a few mystik parameters.


Also in the download area:
Overview of the use of the boats and their equipment for each crew.


Ahoy pirate bunch,

and so Freebooter’s Fate is finally venturing onto the water!


The third expansion book for Freebooter‘s Fate "Raging Rivers" contains everything that is needed for battles with boats. Full rules, new actions and boat actions plus 4 special boats scenarios.

The bilingual boat equipment cards will give to you some nasty equipment for your boats and passengers as well as new event cards.


The boats coming along in the first wave will be Yola (with a small delay of about 2-3 weeks), Xalupa, Piñassa and the largest one, the Barkaza.


To give your Piñassa and Barkaza more firepower,  equip them with either a swivel gun or a boat mortar.

As accessories there are the High-angle-fire weapon template and a set of Islands!


We wish you much fun and always a Handspan of water under the keel!

Your team of the Freebooter Miniatures!


All new items (except for 001 Yola) are available now.

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