Ahoi all crab fishers,

in December we do deck scrubbing! While doing so we have found some exciting news, a free gift and more... Read on.
We do start with Corvana, a specialist for the brotherhood. If she is nearby, you will be not safe anymore and could find no place to hide!



The ship builders in Longfall were again busy! Canoa Furiscalma is a large catamaran which can be crewed by 4 passengers.


You can upgrade your Canoa, Barkaza or Piñassa with the Ballista.  A dangerous weapon for the Amazons, Brotherhood and Cult.



For all gamers who like it fast and easy we do have the new mat tiles Forests and Lakes. Made of high quality, soft and durable mouse pad material.



Plus - we do have an special deck scrubbing offer in December:

With every order* placed in Dezember, you will get a free, original FREEBOOTER scrubbing pad for your smartphone!

It can be used as a cleaning pad for mobile phone, Smartphone, Tablet - suitable for almost all smooth solvent free mobile surfaces.

Made from high quality microfibre, cleans absolutely strip free - made in Germany

Adhesive and always back removable, without adhesive

Delivery individually on a cardboard. Ideal as a small gift!

The cloth sticks easily at the back of the phone. Clean the display and stick it back to the phone any number of times.
... and maybe our deck scrubbing action reveals something else? So please stay tuned and follow us on facebook or here.

* Only till end of December and while stocks last.


All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team


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