31. May 2023

New in April 2021!

The journey continues with the new Tales of Longfall #7 Scenarios 2 – and with single player scenarios at that! Just in time to try out the new mercenaries and the Black Widow.

Tales of Longfall #7 – the stories and scenarios don’t run out! This time we have spun an especially large amount of sailor’s yarn. We even came up with the first Freebooter’s Fate single-player scenarios! We had a lot of fun with them and we hope you did too. Let’s go into the fray – even without opponents!

The Black Widow is one of the most dangerous shadow characters. With her lightning fast arms that strike out of nowhere, she tears large gaps in the ranks of the enemy. And when the Cagoule comes face to face with her, she…

The new Mercenary Starterbox is available in a fancy box!

All items are available now!

Your Freebooter team



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