24. March 2023

New in June and holiday for the pirates!

Our new products for June are already available! Look forward to the Stormlord, Theodora & Señor Growly and the new Freebooter folding ruler. Of course, there’s a catch…*

… because the crew is crying out for shore leave. The captain has his hands full keeping them happy for the last few days. So we’ll be delivering your orders until 4 June and then we’ll be in hiding in the jungle until 20 June.

But now to the exciting news – before there is a mutiny:

Theodora & Señor Growly – a strange pair of siblings: she is a soul driver, still a little childish in the head, her brother is a Sansâme who follows her at every turn. Strange and dangerous at the same time. No wonder, because the two have been developed together with you in the live stream and what comes out is always good for a surprise – great job!

With the Lightning Lord, the Shadows get an extremely powerful ranged fighter – who does he remind me of?

Last but not least, we have a piratey 50 cm Folding ruler in a cool wooden look for you. Just right for all pirates with style!

All items are available now. Delivery will take place from Monday, 31. 05. 2021 until our shore leave…

… and then again after we set sail from 22 June!

Your Freebooter team

* You know we’re pirates, right?


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