31. May 2023

News July 2021!

Ahoy, you brave pirates! Although we actually wanted to lie around, we’ve brought back a few things for you from our shore leave – an impetuous Amazon, two fearsome shadow creatures, new stickers and much more!

Atoyatl – is an energetic young Amazon who joyfully waltzes over almost all opponents just like that, with a lot of verve – and run-up. Unstoppable!

Asorpressa – is a specialist of the shadows who is not only visually reminiscent of Colpo di Mano. Used skilfully, his smoke bomb can enable a covert attack by the shadows in places where no opponent expects it.

Jack o’Lantern – is small and mean. It attracts opponents and wears them down with nimbly executed side blows.

New stickers with all team logos are here! They are now included in Miniatures Box #1 and can also be purchased individually.

Then there’s a restock and new card boxes – the colour petrol goes great with the shadows, doesn’t it?

All new products are available now.

The Freebooter Team wishes you a great holiday!


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