31. May 2023

New in August 2021!

We’ve got great new releases this month – the new limited edition Dorithee & Edward special figure – designed with you – the big Casa Sinuosa and Chico’s Nightmare.

Dorithee & Edward – a strong young lady with a crab, our limited special figure.

The Casa Sinuosa is the largest building to date for the City of Longfall, as it consists of a casa with an attached cabaña.

Chico’s Nightmare is a very fast and skilled close-combat fighter for the shadows. Guess who he gives a mighty headache?

Some of our characters and products are getting on in years – that’s where we’re clearing the air and will be discontinuing them. Some of them will also just be reworked and re-released over time. However, all characters will still be usable for Freebooter’s Fate and will also be eligible for tournaments. Such as these and others:

All new products are available now.

The Freebooter team wishes you a great August.


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