3. October 2023

October & November News

A rolling stone gathers no moss – after the fantastic SPIEL, we have heaps of new items: the Crew 2 book (German language), a poster, the Rat Queen with her swarms of shadows and the False Monkeys.

The second Crew book is packed with gripping stories, dangerous new characters, the scenario “The Alliance – All against the Shadows” and a summary of all the new rules.

The Queen of Rats sits majestically behind the horde of inexorably approaching shadows. She is a leader with great fighting power and is very robust for a shadow character. She is also a great character and a summoner of Sinister Swarms to boot.

In addition, there are other Sinister Swarms, because the Queen of Rats can summon them after her retirement and split into up to 4 Sinister Swarms.

New deckhands for the shadows – Pseudo Apes! Evil creatures that can even perform three actions in one active phase.

We also have a fancy poster – not surprising with that beautiful cover, is it?

All items are available now!

Your Freebooter Miniatures team wishes you a not-so-stormy start to autumn.


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