29. March 2023

December News!

At the end of the year we have some news for you: a new starter box for the Cult, a limited miniature – Mayla and last but not least the imposing lighthouse!

The new starter box for the Cult contains interesting characters ready – Sophia the leader who can’t invoke Loas, Héler le Lutte, a battle mystic and new deckhands: a Maudit and Asqueroso’s Fugoso.


Where can you find something like that – a second limited edition miniature this year? With us! Mayla, the daring fisherwoman is here. Developed again together with you in the live stream.

And then we have the grandiose Lighthouse for the City of Longfall. The tallest building in the city and another centerpiece for your gaming table.

All items are available for immediate delivery. *

Have a great holliday season your team from Freebooter Miniatures.

* We do our best to ensure that all orders are shipped promptly, but please be patient with us and the shipping companies – we have our hands full on board.


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