29. September 2023

New in January!

Ahoy – we’re back on deck and hope you all had a good start to the new year! A little late, we have the new additions for you: the Wailing Woman, a leader for the shadows, as well as Sophia, Héler and Maudit & Asquerosos Fugoso individually for the cult. Actually…

… Miss Monkepenny should still be there, but unfortunately the supply situation is anything but good – raw materials are scarce and expensive, and the pandemic has everyone firmly in its grip again with many failures due to quarantines at our suppliers. It will get better again – we promise. Arrrr!

The Shadows get a new leader – the terrible Wailing Woman.

All characters from the new Cult starter box are now also available individually: Sophia, the leader who cannot call Loas, Héler le Lutte, the combat mystic and new entourage: a Maudit and an Asquerosos Fugoso. Especially the Maudit with his cursed throwing axes is extremely interesting for every mystic.

We still want to show you some pictures of Miss Monkeypenny. She will probably be released regularly in February or March.
However, everyone who participates in our New YeARR – New Shores campaign has the chance to get a resin master model of Miss Monkeypenny and her 3 monkeys!

After over 5 years without any price increases, it is now inevitable – we will have to adjust our prices at the beginning of February. The increased costs for all raw materials – like tin, plastics, packaging material – as well as delivery, wage, shipping and rental costs – force us to take this step.


All items are available for immediate delivery.

Have a great January and happy painting and gaming!

Your team from Freebooter Miniatures



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