6. June 2023

New YeARR, new shore 2022

The crew is together, now it’s time to build a shelter. You have to store the captured doubloons somewhere when you return from the capture.

You can find the rules for the shelter in the free PDF on our website: https://www.freebooterminiatures.de/download/neues-jahr-neue-ufer-kampagne-2022/.

Send us the photos of your task for May by 31.05.2022 23:59Uhr at the latest to aktion@freebooterminiatures.de, with the subject “May – A roof over your head“.

This year, we’ll use the code word to introduce famous pirate captains from history, and this month it’s our all-time favourite captain. He may not have a long history, but everyone should know him from us.

Code word: “Werner Klocke“.
Have fun

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