4. December 2022

February news 2022

All hands* on deck! It’s getting brighter outside again and hibernation is over. So out of the bunks and see what’s new: Miss Monkeypenny, the Kelpie and another 12-pounder cannon.

Miss Monkepenny is a pirate and animal handler who causes a lot of trouble for the enemy with her monkeys.

The Kelpie is one of the fastest shadow characters on the gaming table – and it can even drag other shadows along.

There’s something about a broadside with 12-pounder ship cannons. It looks impressive and scares the hell out of the enemy.

All items are available now and will be delivered on Wednesday, 16th.

Have a good awakening and look forward to more with us!

Your team from Freebooter Miniatures

* Of course we also mean all women, people of all gender and simply everyone! Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound quite as crisp and that’s why we’ve shortened it.