2. October 2023

April 2022 – Freebooter’s Fate Campaign, German

Let your crews gain the most prestige on the island. Raise your characters to unprecedented levels of strength! Conquer territories and fill up your treasure chests. Have long-lasting fun in your gaming group with Freebooter’s Fate campaign!


We have been working on the campaign for a long time and it has been delayed a bit due to circumstances and restrictions. But now we can get started to grab the best areas in Longfall and the surrounding area!

The campaign consists of a rulebook, packed with all the necessary rules and handouts, and a deck of Campaign cards.

The Amazons are now also available individually: the leader Cihuachi, the specialist Temazcalli as well as an Atl-Atl and a temple guardian as a double pack.

This month there is again a free figure:  Sergeant Plissé!

This month, Sergeant Plissé is free with all purchases of EUR 60 or more.*

All items are available now.

Your team from Freebooter Miniatures


* All purchases in our shop automatically receive Sergeant Plissé free of charge if your total purchase is over 60 Eur. Only while stocks last.




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