26. November 2022

May 2022 News!

We have a great selection of different characters for you in May: Big Torpe, Gob Morley and Tohunga Toa!

He’s been a long time coming – the iconic Gob Morley. I wonder if it’s because he’s so mega cool and relaxed. Chill a bit with him on the pitch and maybe surprise your opponents with a sneak attack?

How? Not only the Cult, but the Goblins can hire him too? “Aye, Captain Crazy. Do you know my way?”

Tohunga Toa is a true specialist of the Whaitaua. Tough in attack, supportive in ranged combat and as soon as he starts to perform his Peruperu, his opponents’ legs shake.

Big Torpe would have loved to be all in, but production is very slow. So we have a few here in the shop on “pre-sale”.**

Kind of typical, because isn’t that what all shadows do – that is, cause trouble for the other teams? Big Torpe in particular deals out nasty with his three different mega dangerous musket-like…. arm fortifications.


This months free figure: Asquerosos Pirate


Asquerosos Pirtae is free with all purchases of EUR 60 or more.*

All items are available now.

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* All purchases in our shop automatically receive the Asquersoso Pirate free of charge if your total purchase is over 60 Eur. Only while stocks last.

** While stocks last, but more is on the way and should arrive quickly!