4. December 2022

New in September

We have three new items for you in September – the Ruined Cabaña Acabado , Desvio Dimensionis and Scenarios 1 in English. Plus, there’s a new Free Monthly figure!

It could be so nice in the Cabaña Acabado: Sitting comfortably in front of the crackling fireplace with a hot cup of tea – yes, yes, you can also have a shot of rum – and enjoying a short break from the hard pirate life. Well, it could be, if only it didn’t drag so much.

Desvio is a sneaky contemporary – or rather, an evil journeyman of the Shadows. As a dimension shifter, he can move across the gaming table very quickly and suddenly appear where no one expects him.

The English-language edition receives the next exciting expansion: Tales of Longfall #5 Scenarios 1!

BTW: We now also accept credit cards.

This month we have another free figure: Lindo Guapo for the mercenaries! … and of course also for the Goblins, Imperial Armada, Cult and the Pirates.

You get Lindo Guapo for free with all purchases of 60 EUR or more* Only available here in the shop!

All items are available for immediate delivery.

Your team from Freebooter Miniatures

* All purchases in our shop get Lindo Guapo for free if the total purchase is over 60 EUR. This offer is limited and only available while stocks last.