27. September 2023

New in November!

In the stormy windy month of November, our new products will be delivered to your door. First and foremost, our new Debonn starter box.

Once again, it’s “Vive la Debonn!” Some of you could already get hold of the new Debonn starter box at the SPIEL in Essen, now it’s here for everyone. The Revisor Guard led by Camille Loinde’Moi, supported by the Chevalier Danton! An extremely quick-witted troupe.

Did you do it on Monday?* No? Now you can catch up – Cuatlachtli & Linn are here.

A mystic who is not a leader – Delphine. Very flexible and versatile in invoking Loas.

The tres chic 50 cm folding rule is now also available in black!

Not only for cultists and shadows 😉

The English edition of Freebooter’s Fate continues apace – this month we finished Tales of Longfall #7 – Scenarios #2.

He came a bit late and doesn’t want to leave yet – our free miniature: Little Pete comes to your home with every order over 60,- Euro*.

The Freebooter Team wishes you all a nice and not so stormy November.

All new items are available now.

* Hug a bear day was on 07 November!

** All purchases in our store get Little Pete for free if the total purchase is over 60,- Euro. This offer is limited and only while supplies last.

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