30. May 2023

Black Pirate Weekend – 2 days to go!

Final spurt with our mega offers! Only until Monday, 28.11. 24:00!

But now it’s time to get down to business. Just enter the voucher code blackweek2022 and get 20% off almost everything*.

… and hope that the goblins down in the bilge don’t twist the numbers again!**

In addition, we have posted many more items for you at a special price. Another small selection:


… and there is much more to discover.

Have fun with the booty!


* Unfortunately, we have to exclude some products that are subject to fixed book prices or are already heavily discounted anyway.
The discount will be deducted after redeeming the voucher code blackweek2022 in the shopping cart**.

** Our shop is spinning! Don’t worry, the shop hasn’t been hacked. The chaotic goblins just nibbled a few numbers and mixed them up when redeeming the voucher code. We will check every order and refund any doubloons paid too much!

Great pirate’s word of honour – by the Klabautermann and so help us the Codex.

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