31. May 2023

Black Pirate Weekend Loot-Making

We hope you all made some great booty!

What a deck scrubbing! We’ll straighten out the numbers that those dam… Goblins had been mucking about with.

Although pirates don’t like to give back the doubloons they’ve captured, we don’t want to get unjustly rich;-) and have already refunded many doubloons. Please check your mailboxes for corrected invoices and possible refunds.

If something is still wrong, the culprits will be taken to keel immediately. ALL, without exception! Arrrr!

To avoid that the crew being keelhauled, you are welcome to send us a message in a bottle to shop@freebooterminiatures.de.

Please also be patient with the deliveries. As always, we’ll do our best. DHL and the post office have also announced delays in delivery due to the high volume of parcels over the last few days.

Website update!

We will have to do a major update in the near future. The site will be offline for a few hours. We will announce the exact date here and in the social media.

Thank you for your understanding and have a piratey advent season with your booty!

Your Freebooter Team

* Our shop is crazy! The chaotic goblins have nibbled a few numbers and mixed them up when redeeming the voucher code on Blackweekend. We will check every order and refund any doubloons paid too much!

Great pirate’s word of honour – by the Klabautermann and so help us the Codex.

Großes Piraten Ehrenwort – beim Klabautermann und so wahr der Kodex uns helfe.

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