27. September 2023

We wish you a nice and relaxing Holiday season!


It’s time for a few calmer days after the exhausting raids!

Ahoy, you miniature gamers from near and far!

get your shovels ready and quickly bury the loot on a secret island so that we can take it easy for a while.

But there was also a lot going on in our very special Freebooter Miniatures anniversary year!

It started off quietly enough, but then it all came thick and fast – a new Campaign for Freebooter’s Fate arrived in April – we hope you’ve already tried it out!

We continued with the preparations for the Kickstarter, with the second set “Legends #2” for the 20th anniversary. With your support, we were able to get it off the ground.

In between, we had a great time with you at the Spiel in Essen, setting up the Pledge Manager and still managing Black Friday with the pre-Christmas skirmish!

What a pirate raid. And the team really deserves a good drink!

So, enough rambling and let’s get to the mulled rum, off to the palm tree and sing at the top of our voices: “Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!”

We would like to thank you for your loyalty over the past year and wish you a piratical Christmas and an exciting New Year.

Until it’s “Off to new shores!” again.

Werner Klocke and the Freebooter Miniatures team!


Here are a few more dates:

+ Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, we’ll actually be taking it easy and continuing with only half the crew. But we’ll be back in full force until 22 December. And then again in January!

+ Our Pledge Manager at Gamefound will be online until about the end of January. But the sooner we have all the orders, the sooner we can produce and deliver.

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