3. October 2023

Szenario 2023

We’ll be sailing down the Rhine to visit Szenario-Con in Hackenhaim on 14 January and 15 January for the first time. We’ll invade the Bonnheimer Hof with a demo table and a small sales booth. Feel free to drop by, say Arr!, have a chat, play the game, and maybe buy some stuff.

Due to logistical restrictions, we’ll only have a small sample of our range in our hold. However, if you want to order something specific to pick it up at the con, please send us an email by no later than Sunday 8 January 23:59 CET at shop@freebooterminiatures.de with “Szenario 2023” in the subject line. We will then make sure that our docker goblins put your order on the ship so you can get your greedy mitts on it at the booth.

Looking forward to seeing you there and having a fab con together.

Link: https://szenario-con.de/

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