19. April 2024

New in July!

We have four new items for you: The legendary Alliance and Shadow sets, the matching chess mat and Darcien Vuelta.

If you missed the Kickstarter, here’s your chance to get your hands on the miniatures for a limited time!

The Alliance – one character from each crew plus a Velero. Together 9 great fighters against the Shadows. Strictly limited!

The Shadows – 6 creepy, larger than life characters trying to take over the island again. Strictly limited!

The Alliance and Shadow figures from the legendary sets have also been designed for chess. Here is the chess mat to go with them.

Darcien Vuelta – a strong mercenary who finally puts an end to the Shadows. Or?

All new products are available now.

We wish you a pleasant summer!

Werner Klocke and the Freebooter Team!


P.S.: Preview August. There’s more to come – but don’t tell anyone.

Soulraptor of Shadows

Crest magnets


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