26. September 2023

New in August!

11 new items in August*: a Soulraptor for the Shadows, Magnets of all the crews’ crests and the Casa Esquinazo.

Exclusively in the shop – Crest magnets! Show your affiliation on the fridge, message board, hook hand, lanterns, travel suitcases, …

Fast and relentless – the Soulraptor for the Shadows.


A large new corner house with many practical extras – the Casa Esquinazo. Connects not only the Townhouse, the Casa Sinousa and the El Almacén.


If you missed the Kickstarter – here’s your chance to get your hands on the figures. The Alliance and Shadow sets are still available for a limited time!



All new items are available now.

Werner Klocke and the Freebooter Team!


* Admittedly, the number is a little bit embellished, but we have 9 crews 😉



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