29. November 2023

November News!

Our round of new products continues with Seigneur Poules & Bucephale, Teniente Raposa and Tenebrax.

We start with Seigneur Poules & Bucephale. A chicken farmer from Debonn and his bravest rooster. An unequal but very effective pair who are not too shy to join the other crews as mercenaries.



A scheming fighter for the Imperial Armada – although you wouldn’t know it by looking at Teniente Raposa.


Tenebrax, a skilful knight for the shadows. It is limited to one year of production* and can also be used as a supplement to the Freebooter’s Fate Legends 2 chess set from the Kickstarter.


All new items are available now.

Your Freebooter Team!

* As always with limited edition figures – only while stocks last.




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