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Murano Software at the Microsoft Mobile Incubation Week in Washington, DC

Murano Software took a part in the Microsoft Mobile Incubation Week held in Washington, D.C. Sep 28 – Oct 2. Murano Software deployed a development swat team led by Dimitri Nikouline, a former chief software architect at Homestore/ Murano used a detailed, focused process to help produce prototypes for  five companies selected from over 150 applicants. 


Our company is a MIW veteran, having supported both the Mountain View and London events. We are proud to have been selected as Microsoft's software development website partner for this outstanding event. You can find out more information about MIW in the ABC Interview with Brian Hoskins, a director on Microsoft's emerging business team. 


The goals of the week were to: 1) build a working application, 2) explore ways to accelerate the business, and 3) work together and have fun.  And these goals were fully achieved. The teams we worked with were extremely impressed with how quickly we were able to step up to the plate and implement very amazing applications within such a short timeframe. 


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Spry  offers comprehensive insight for software projects. Spry brings the real-time activity stream into the world of software development and helps teams make better decisions. It also has a solid integration with app development software, including Github, Subversion, Capistrano, PivotalTracker and Bugzilla. During the MIW, a full-featured, mobile version of Spry was built. It uses the Spry API, has a really sharp looking UI and is easy to use. Here are screenshots and a demo video of how the app works. 


mTools is creating a brand new vertical for mobile content. mTools points out the complexity of managing and transferring content from one device to another and solves this problem in an easy way. mTools allows you to manage and sync contacts, appointments, files, tasks and settings. mTools could be used for both general consumers and business customers. The main goal was getting a new, nice-looking and finger-oriented touch UI. You can see an original and modified UI on the screenshot below. 


mySkin finds products that work for your skin. With mySkin’s mobile app, you answer a series of questions about your skin.’s proprietary technology returns a highly customized combination of products at various price points that are right for you. You can maintain a journal where you take pictures, note products that you used and track changes in your skin via a simple report.  All data is transferred to your account online and can be easily accessed via your virtual shelf.


Push It Mobile 
Push IT Mobile is the only solution you need for increasing sales by portraying a professional image. Push it development company uses handheld software to exceed customer expectations with sharp letter templates for invoices, quotes and rescheduling of appointments, all in the palm of your hand. 


Windows Mobile Development: How to Run an Application Using Device Emulator


1) In Visual Studio, click on “Tools.” Then click on “Connect to device.”


In the “Connect to device” window, select the emulator desired, such as Pocket PC SE Emulator. Click on the “Connect” button. 


You will see the “Connecting …” window. If everything is OK, you will see the message “Connection succeeded.” Click on the “Close” button.


2) In Visual Studio, click on the “Tools” button. Then click on “Device Emulator Manager.” In the “Device Emulator Manager” window, you will see the Datastore tree with the emulator selected. The selection is marked with the green arrow:


3) Right click on the selected emulator and choose “Cradle.” This imitates putting the device on a cradle:


4) After this, the ActiveSync will run and allow you to set up a partnership. If you do not have the program, you can download ActiveSync. Select “Guest partnership” to avoid synchronizing with Outlook. Click on “Next.”


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After this, ActiveSync gets connected to the emulator:

5) Go to Windows Explorer, copy the file and paste it in My Windows Mobile-Based Device.


You will see the ActiveSync message:


Click on OK to copy the cab file onto the emulator.


6) On the emulator, go to “Start,” then “File Explorer.” In the “My Device” folder, you will see the file. Click on it to install the application in the “Program Files/Your_application_title” folder.


7) On the emulator. If you have any question, connect with us it support services go to the “Program Files/Your_application_title” folder and click on the application icon. 


The application is running.



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