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An Overview of the Novel: Rose For Emily



Rose for Emily is written as a first-person, therefore, the narrator has used term like “we” in his story. The essay writer also indicates that the narrator is not a single person but he is representing collective individuals. Emily is the main character of the story and the narrator portrays that the whole town is the witness of the Emily behavior. He expressed the character of heroin as a lady with ambiguous and ambivalent attitudes. The author expressed himself as a part of the story and wrote the book beautifully with an excellent explanation of the characters.



Story Analysis

The first-person story sometimes creates difficulty to understand whether the narrator is telling about the character of the story or explaining himself especially when he defines the sitting scenes. The theme of the story that is either in a contrasting way or interaction parallel moves naturally through the natural components. The author used different things to describe sitting like cotton, inns, taxes, and garage or the places like market, house, law, and various others.

The novel was compressed in the form of a short story. The story depicts the behavior of the people and their thinking for Emily that was totally made by self-assumption. People knew nothing about the Emily but they were curious about write my essay online, therefore, developed self-assumption and used to talk about Emily in her absence. They wanted to know the lifestyle of Emily, how she is living without marriage and what her scheduler or routine is. In other words, the story tells about the communal consciousness of the unusual behavior of Emily. It also tells about the fact of how society points out the different behavior in society.



Moral Lesson

In the story, the word “Rose” represents the condition of Emily. She was kept in the house just like people keep the dried rose in their books or plunge fresh rose to put it inside the house. The story is based on two moral lessons for the people.

  • First, it identifies pride issues. Emily belonged to the elite class where his father become overprotective due to his pride. He lived with high standards, therefore, bound his daughter to the home and did not let her find life partner. After his death, Emily found herself alone. She was unable to marry anyone because of her age. This indicates that when people raise their standard and live in pride they lose social knot with people and they face difficulties in later life when people do not come forward for any healthy relationship.
  • The second moral issue is related to the lifestyle of the south people. In the south people, society was influenced by stereotypes based on gender. Women were not allowed to go out for work or higher education. They were forced to sit at home or look after their families. This condition leads to various health issues in women like depression and other psychological disorders.


Surprise Ending

The essay writing service has used various devices and phrases to create a strong impression and to provide an interesting and surprising ending . Many words are foreshadowing and repeated in the whole story. A sentence like “there was strand gray hair present” and many other sentences made the story end interesting. When the readers read this line they suddenly moved back to the start of the story. The bottom line is that the author successfully developed the uniform story that can impress the readers for sure.



Literature Analysis

The literature analysis of the story depicts the social behavior of people. In the story behavior of extra protective father has been discussed. The father of Emily loved her so much and became overprotective. He did not want his daughter to be in a relationship and feel the hardship of life. Due to the love of the father, Emily became mysterious and introvert who always tried to avoid all social gathering which resulted in her unusual behavior. She was not happy with the life she was spending due to his father's attitude. She got stuck in the city where she was unable to spend her life just like a normal person.

This indicates the mentality of the people living in our society. These people create complications for their family where family members lose their confidence and social knots which may result in write my essay. This inferiority complex sometimes leads to suicide.

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