19. April 2024

How do I play Freebooter’s Fate?

We’ve all been there: You are in your local friendly fantasy games shop and cannot tear your gaze away from that one box of miniatures. They are so gorgeous! They must be yours! But then you end up not buying them because you don’t know the rules for the game they’re for and there’s nobody around to explain them to you. And we all know how pirates hate to jump into the deep end. Because: sharks and stuff.

But fear not, for help is at hand. The game is very straightforward, fast-paced, and fun. Written by pirates for like-minded individuals, the rules are easy to learn and yet allow for a game with lots of options and tactical depth. Plus you can punch people in the squishy bits if they don’t watch out. So sit back, relax, and watch while we tell you everything you need to know about how to play Freebooter’s Fate using the quickstart rules:

Erste Infos

First steps
We have assembled some free stuff to help you enter the world of Freebooter’s Fate. You can get an idea of the rules and form a first impression of the game and its world.


This page is currently under construction.!!!

You have further questions?

Then contact us byemail at support@freebooterminiatures.de or use our Discord-Server.
We’re happy to schedule a Discord call or even video call so we can answer your questions, help you chose your crew, advise you on which models to choose, etc. We may occasionally say “Arrr!”, mind.

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