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08 Jan 2017 14:42 #25248 von MiniOverlord
Live Painting on Twitch.Tv wurde erstellt von MiniOverlord
Hello, everybody.

I am not too sure where this fits best, so I put it under events.

For some while now has a new category going beyond just game-streams. Under "Creative" and "#figurines" more and more people are starting to stream live from their desks. So I decided to join the fun and to start a (hopefully) regular stream.

Today I will have my first real stream going live at 20:30 CET under and as they are on the desk right now I will start with some Freebooters pirates.

Hope to see some of you to chat or paint along.

Dominic / MiniOverlord
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09 Jan 2017 14:37 #25300 von Vacon
Vacon antwortete auf Live Painting on Twitch.Tv
Thanks for this great news. I hope that there are good painters :)

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