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12 Mai 2010 20:22 #1749 von
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Hi there,
I've started collecting Werner Klocke's miniatures, especially the Freebooter range. I've noted he's have done many miniatures for Reaper, but most of them are not what I'm looking for. I hope that doesn't offend. The Freebooter miniatures (and perhaps the later ones for Reaper) appear to have something special about them). Just something in the design, well thought out, excellently crafted and in proportion. The whole ethos of the miniature draws the eye. I just wanted to say that I hope he continues, and I'm assuming are very successful in doing so.

May I ask why these two miniatures were in such limited numbers?

DUN 002 Dark elf Assassin and SOL 001 Mercenary Marksman

Your website shows only 49 and 38 made? This is very low compared to the numbered ranges of limited edition miniatures? Is this because the moulds became damaged in production? Or is there an error on the site? Talking of which, it is an excellent site. Great pictures, details and goes into the design of the miniatures and how they were crafted. Also like to see them next to the artwork that I'm assuming inspired them. Great stuff! I did need a friend to tell me how to get it/view it in English though.

It's shame some of your miniatures are only available from shows/events. Although I do understand why, as it encourages people to attend. The thief on rooftop is superb! Perhaps in future, there could be some way that a purchase of these limited miniatures could be made. Such as buying a ticket, and proof of that. That way if the price of entry was reasonable, someone could not attend (as it's expensive to travel abroad) but still support the show and obtain the piece?

Understand that Werner is no doubt a busy man (judging by the amount of his work that's out there) but hopefully a reply to the above questions, as that would be great.


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16 Aug 2011 01:55 #6603 von Bob
Bob antwortete auf VERY limited miniatures.

Sorry, been meaning to reply for a while.

You've probably worked it out by now, but the very limited figures were discontinued, and those were just the numbers left in stock at that time.



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16 Aug 2011 10:39 #6608 von morkin
morkin antwortete auf VERY limited miniatures.
Oopsie. Never replied to this because the discussion of the topic moved offsite. Yes, for the benefit of the other readers, the numbers in the shop refer to the number of miniatures we have left in stock. And as we recently had occasion to reaffirm this: Freebooter miniatures which are limited stay limited. So once those stock numbers reach zero, that's it. Those of you who were at RPC earlier this year saw, for example, that we designed a new figure for Regicide rather than re-cast the version from the limited edition vignette.

The one oddity is the infamous Ragg Chiflad who is limited not in the number of casts made but in its availability, since the miniature is only available at cons. A good site to look at for limited edition Freebooter miniatures is .

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15 Okt 2011 11:08 #7310 von
antwortete auf VERY limited miniatures.
Thanks for the reply :bigsmile: . I did get an answer I wanted by asking around, so no worries.

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