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15 Dez 2018 12:16 #31850 von dark nick
questions about starting with Imperial Armada wurde erstellt von dark nick

I have some interest in picking up this game, after having bought some minis, had a few questions about Imperial Armada, if anyone can help me I would appreciate.

1. Thinking of starting with Starter Pack #1 because it has arquebusiers, I like the miniatures, and seems well-rounded. I already have Garcia miniature though. Should I 'complete' this starter pack or should I switch out the specialist?
2. Assuming I do starter pack (Garcia, Teniente, Arqs), enjoy the game and want to continue, what would be the most 'logical' next purchases for a 500 doubloon game? Torpe + some marines + other specialist? New starter box?
3. I like the miniature Swallow from the mercenaries. Is it redundant for game play if I already have Teniente?

If I don't do Imperial Armada my other option would probably be brotherhood. I already have one miniature, the Dottore. What would be a good way to do a 'starter' if that will be my leader? (other than, of course, just buying the starter set)


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15 Dez 2018 14:00 #31851 von Möchtegern-Pirat
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Arrrrhoi and Welcome aboard.

Both armada starter boxes are worth a look.

The First version is for long range combat while the second/New starter Box (now available as a prerelease but only with character cards in german ) is more for short range and close combat.
Torpe is a good addition for the arquebuses.
Swallow will add more firepower AT short range. With the view to FF#2 I would add the Teniente and the First Mate because of the factIon exclusive special rule of 'chain of command' which allows lieutnants and Sergeant to give commands while higher ranked officers are present.


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