The Amazons are the embodiment of lethally graceful femininity. They have a close bond with their environment and live in harmony with the Earth Mother. Their home lies on a different island in a temple city surrounded by ruins, from where their hunters and warriors ventured forth in order to find and secure holy sites which had been lost to them. This gets them into unavoidable conflict with the largely patriarchal civilization which dominates Longfall.

The Amazons suddenly appeared from the jungle, only a few people know that they are really from a faraway island. They have a close bond with the animals of their home jungles and are organised in suitably themed tribes. Nobody really knows what they want, though the city’s youth has some far-fetched theories.

Amazons need dense jungle to really play to their tactical strengths: hit-and-run attacks in melee and at range. To this end, Amazons are very mobile, even in dense terrain. They should, however, be wary of major counter attacks, because this crew of mostly lithe and graceful female characters and only a few “big girls” tends not to cope well with determined resistance.

Amazons excel at guerrilla fighting. Quick concentration of forces, using their fast movement rate which is unaffected by a lot of terrain, followed by a lightning strike before they move out of range of the enemy counterattack – that’s what Amazons do best.

The many Jungle Warriors and Rangers in their ranks ignore all kinds of penalties imposed by slowing and difficult terrain. This is where their close bond with nature really pays off, because their gaze, usually trained for this from an early age, penetrates foliage much better than that of other crews. Anybody who was ever caught on the wrong side of a piece of forest knows how worrying it is to be under fire you cannot return – even if it is just blowpipe darts.

And the Earth Mother has bestowed another favor on them, because in order to be able to play to their strengths, Amazons may swap one item of scenery for a forest at the beginning of the game. Tame Oncas, feared jungle cats, and a few close combat specialists ensure that Amazons are not just dangerous in forested areas, even if they absolutely need these to release their full potential.

Amazons have never understood why other people force themselves to wear such restrictive garments. What little these jungle warriors wear is usually characterised by their tribe’s totem animal. Exoskeletons of giant insects, crocodile skins, the skins of giant cats as well as other, more unusual materials grace the lithe bodies. Amazon crews are as variable and colourful as the natural world around them.

So you have a penchant for strong women? Then welcome to the jungle, matey!

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