The Imperial Armada is fighting for its very survival in Longfall. The deal with the ELTC and the resulting ruinous rates for supplies force it to act fast. Driven into the jungle by the pirates, they are getting pretty sick of life among the plants, havegot themselves re-organised and are preparing to take back Longfall.

The Imperial Armada, once the unchallenged dominant power on Leonera, is by now fighting for its very survival. Driven from the capital city of Longfall by the pirates, they rallied in the jungle and are now ready for a counterattack – bolstered by reinforcements from the motherland and despite having to pay the ELTC through the nose for supplies.

Long-range firepower and iron discipline are the dominant themes in an Imperial Armada crew. Nevertheless, it can field some supporting close combat troops which act on the leader’s and the officers’ orders and clear away the opponent’s suitably lead-softened arquebuse fodder.

The Armada fights best at range using its highly-disciplined troops – its arquebuses are rightly feared. A well-organised chain of command and a high morale make the Armada the queen of defensive tactics.

A crew of the Imperial Armada Steadfastly fights under its officers’ strict Orders. Firepower is so essential that there are even specialist troops to keep up the supply of ready-loaded weapons. Terrain tends to get in the way of this a bit unless it doesn’t block the line of sight and even slows down the opponent. The Armada has highly-paid specialists, Ahondaros, in its ranks who can help a bit with this by blowing up an item of scenery at the start of the game, turning it into the arquebusiers’ favourite: a field of rubble.

Sometimes you can also find hoi polloi on the battlefield when members of the nobility show up with their personal bodyguard, who may even be fanatical enough to serve as a living shield. Freshly arrived from the motherland, the troops of the Cazadores, the imperial mystic hunters have also been lending their support to the regular troops.

The flexibility of its hire list gives the Armada a range of options. The classic one still remains the firing line as a core, supported by a loader and commanded by an officer.

The Imperial Armada is a regular army and as such goes around in uniform – from the simple private to the high-ranking officer. Imperial doctrine places less importance in this respect on camouflage than on clear designation of rank and troop type. Because high command is still only used to the big land battles of the old world and does not see why the idiosyncrasies of colonial skirmishes should be taken into account in any way.

Occasionally, court fashion takes to the field in the form of nobles visiting “our brave boys and girls” and then riotous splashes of colour break the regular pattern of uniformed ranks.

Want to do your bit for upholding law and order? Then join the Armada, soldier!


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