The Brotherhood’s assassins are making their sneaky, silent and allegedly righteous way through the city’s dark underbelly in order to bring peace and stability back to Longfall. They are just as adept at political intrigue as they are at sticking poisoned daggers into unsuspecting backs.

Shadows, night, backrooms, sneaking around and intrigues – that’s how the Brotherhood pursues mysterious machinations to bring old blood back to power. The throne of Puerto Alto, as Longfall used to be called, is supposed to regain its old glory. And if politics do not bear fruit, it’s time for the old toxin-encrusted dagger and crossbow bolt. The Brotherhood’s assassins are the poisonous dark of night which slips the dagger of justice between Longfall’s ribs.

The Brotherhood is characterised by secrecy and deviousness. The sneaky backstab, close combat and ambush are its trademarks. Their throwing knives are feared as well, at least at short range at short range. This is the most nimble crew with the highest average movement rate and by far the most “cloak-and-dager woo”.

A small number of highly-trained specialists, move quickly into contact with the enemy, stab them in the back and, if possible, melt away before the counter-attack hits: that’s the Brotherhood’s modus operandi. A few throwing knives and crossbows can serve as tactical garnish but this crew is not going to win any firefights.

The Brotherhood is lost without cover from terrain but luckily it is the master of camouflage and so it is allowed to place an additional item of scenery. This gives its characters better opportunities to make the best use of traits such as Hide and Obscure to flit from cover to cover without exposing themselves to the opponent’s guns. Sneak attacks enable it to strike effectively from cover and get from a shadowy corner right into the enemy’s back before they know what hit them. Poison, which many of the assassins use, can transform even the smallest scratch into a critical hit in this respect.

And even if the Brotherhood should find itself stuck in the hated open terrain, the traits Lightning reflexes and Agile make them hard to hit despite the lack of cover. Moreover, the highest average movement rate of all crews helps them extricate themselves as quickly as possible from such unfavourable situations and get out of the line of fire. This is a matter of priority because this elite force of specialists makes do with fewer deckhands and is thus usually at a numerical disadvantage, which makes it feel the loss of individual characters more keenly than most other crews do.

Looking at them, the Brotherhood cannot hide their penchant for coastal cities with lots of canals. (Also, “cloak-and-dagger woo”. They love that big time.) Most of them have been inspired by the look of the Venetian renaissance and strut across the battlefield in suitable masks. Black is, of course, de rigeur for the style-conscious assassin – although the highest and the lowest ranks go for more colourful attire: ball gowns and harlequin costumes round off the crew’s look at both ends. The muscle-bound Battitores however, place more emphasis on practical durability than on diligent color coordination.

Interested in dodgy dealings with stylish yet shadowy figures? We can hook you up!

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