After the first big rift in the pirate captains’ alliance, Captain Asqueroso had turned towards the Cult. This organisation is controlled by the mystic Sybiline who is guiding her followers to an as yet unknown goal. Since then, a steady stream of Cultists together with soulless Sansâmes and Cult-sympathising pirates has been emerging from Longfall’s dark corners, trying to grab power for the dark forces.

After the Pirates had successfully driven the Empire out of Longfall, something crawled out of the woodwork which nobody had expected to become a major power. The Cult has resurfaced and these uncertain times provide it with a large influx of new members whose old world is falling apart in chaos around them.

A secret talent allows the mystics of the Cult to invoke ghosts from a parallel world, so-called Loas and call them into the bodies of the living to cause various effects. These effects can be subtle or dramatic, benevolent or really rather nasty indeed. Some Loas are recalcitrant and thus expensive to invoke, others are rather more docile and easily satisfied. The circumstances of an invocation are so special, however, that it requires a mechanism of its own.

A similar talent as the one enabling you to invoke Loas also allows some individuals to drag a human soul almost completely from its body and to then control the bodies thus rendered obedient. Most characters of the Cult usually have their hands full supporting or protecting the mystic because none of the two parts of a Cult crew can win a battle by itself.

The Cult has to field a lot of – fortunately rather cheap – deckhands, which usually gives it the advantage of numbers. Each kind of deckhand has an overarching theme: Cultists with their Mystical Choir make it easier for the mystic to invoke Loas. Sansâmes (the soulless) on the other hand appear in droves and can soak up tremendous amounts of damage  but require other characters, so-called Souldrivers to act effectively.

Without a doubt, however, the mystics, who incidentally can call their Loas into characters even without being able to see their target, form the heart of the Cult. A multitude of Loas who can be called into opposing or allied characters can be chosen from various domains to suit fighting in different scenarios against various opponents. The sheer number of options and the need to co-ordinate the loas with the rest of the crew make the Cult a crew which is more suitable for advanced players.

Housewives and farmers armed with pitchforks and clubs, pirates with a thing for voodoo as well as the i give the Cult not just tactical variety. Chains of bones, face paintings and voodoo dolls give the faction a darkly mystical look. The more “oogle-dee-boogle-dee” flair, the better.

So while the specialists and the actually mystically talented characters are more concerned with highlighting their otherness and appearing as mystical as possible, the more bucolic Cultists tend to wear more practical work attire. And the Sansâmes will wear pretty much anything which hasn’t actually rotted off them yet.

Fond of spirits, zomb.. er Sansâmes and all that mystic woo stuff? Then dabble in the occult here!

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