Rumours abound in Longfall about secret treasures and vast hoards. Occasionally, individual, gold-hunting Mercenaries can be spotted in the ranks of some crews. These soldiers of fortune have usually been instructed by the ELTC to find the truth behind the rumours. Because there seems to be far too much smoke for there to be no fire, the ELTC is now assembling a crew of guns for hire to secure an early monopoly in the exciting new business area of natural resource relocation.

Rumours of Amazon gold or maybe just plain gold gold are running rife and are attracting the usual bunch of soldiers of fortune. More and more of such bands can be found in Longfall and surroundings. They are usually financed by the ELTC, the East-Leoneran Trading Company which was founded when a risk-loving entrepreneur noticed that the Armada might have managed to safely squirrel away its gold in the jungle but had precious little to spend it on there. The ELTC is keen to secure a dominant market position in the exciting new business field of “relocation of precious-metal-rich cultural items.”

Mercenaries primarily fight for other crews to offset their employer’s weaknesses or bolster their strengths. In the game, Mercenaries can be hired by any crew, even though not all mercenaries will fight for any crew. They perform the role, and take up the space, of a specialist. Among their number are specialists in all the variants of combat, and even animal handlers and mystics.

Mercenaries can also be fielded under the banner of the ELTC, however, as a pure, colorful Mercenary crew which performs well in melee and in ranged combat or mysticism and is sometimes padded out with deckhands from other crews. Because Mercenaries don’t risk life and limb cheaply, an ELTC crew tends to be outnumbered in the field.

The appearance of the Mercenaries is as varied as their tasks are in the game, Some adopt the style of their favorite employer, others are just sort of carribbean-piratey and still others are so individualistic that they define their very own style.

Always wanted to make it big as a morally flexible freelance entrepeneur? Then buy into the ELTC!



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