Driven by a sheer inexhaustible greed for riches and power (and rum), the Pirates have managed to establish themselves in former Puerto Alto and conquer a large part of the city. They are currently a major power. However, after the most powerful captains joined forces to drive the Imperial Armada into the jungle, cracks are beginning to appear in the façade of that fragile alliance.

Arrr! Says it all, really. At least for Pirates. To translate it for landlubbers: The Pirates have grabbed power for themselves on Leonera and are running Longfall. But their alliance is crumbling to bits like wet hardtack and it doesn’t help that they prefer a good scrap to a council meeting. That’s why they’re Pirates, after all. As we said: Arrr!

Pirates are the best allround crew, an excellent mixture of hard-hitting shooters and even harder-hitting close-combat brawlers. And you can extend the crew in either direction, depending on your treasure chest. They are tactically versatile, suitable for the dashingly offensive (boarding) attack or the rather less honourable defensive hunkering down. Plus, they can hold their rum and are the best at saying “Arrr!” What more do you want, really?

Pirates lead very active lives in whose bustle things can occasionally get lost. And so some of them have to be careful when scratching their noses while others can knock on wood(en leg) wherever they are. It’s a bit of a nuisance for moving around but very piratey! Thanks to their Riggers, Pirates can quickly overcome obstacles and heights. Sneaky Pirates aim to hit below the belt with nasty Low Blows. Other close combat maneuvers such as Flurry of Blows or Whirlwind Attack tend to be rather popular as well. However, not every Pirate is equally fond of collecting martial scars and so some of the crew are carrying parrying swords as well.

In terms of firepower, characters with Firestorm, long-range muskets, multi-shot weapons and heavy handcannons can send quite astonishing amounts of lead across the battlefield. Ranges vary from the long-range musket via the ubiquitous pistols all the way down to the short-ranged throwing knife.

The Pirates have acquired many things but a sense of subtle stylishness has never been among them. Bright colours, the bolder the better, few of them really bother with colour coordination when looting. Glaringly bright and glittery is always en vogue, because in the heat of frenzied loot-nabbing – the Pirates’ favourite method of acquisition for all their everyday needs – such items simply stand out more.

Other Pirates are more practical, however, and favour a simple white linen shirt with their knickerbockers. You can never go wrong with a long coat and as everybody knows: the bigger the hat the more piratey the Pirate. Tricorn hat, floppy hat, top hat or even just a tied bandana, Pirates wear all sorts of various headgear. 

You are a pirate at heart? Go find your crew of rum-swilling scurvy sea-dogs here!


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