Ahoi Piratenbande,

Too many exercises and training goals? Too much weight lost? Too many New Year's resolutions? Stop - it's time for life. So let's keep it like the Debonner: live and let live. But keep away from our reds!

Sergeant Plissé is a veteran warhorse who miraculously rejuvenates the Vieille Guards and makes them almost unbreakable!


Then there are of course more of the spirited ladies and gentlemen to reinforce the Grande L'Armee: Vieille Garde # 2.

A boat trip that's fun, a boat trip that's nice - if only they were not those envious people lurking at each river fork with wood drills.

Boat cards, boat equipment cards and new event cards for the second edition.


Restock 4Ground!


Alle Neuheiten sind ab sofort erhältlich.

Ahoi pirates!

The Christmas bacon around your belly must go! So get on to the game boards, draw your cards and diligent push the figures!

La Droite, the right hand of Asqueroso is allready in good shape, a gifted fencer and she has learned to give orders to the cultists.



The Fusiliers #3 dressed up pretty nice for New Years day! Debonn needs a lot of deckhands and you can't be without them.

A brand new Starterbox for the Imperial Armada metal is here! And you get the choice between a sturdy metal edition and an extra highly detailed resin edition!


Of course, also available for the pirates:


All new items are available.

Your Freebooter Team

Ahoi pirates!

Just in time before Christmas: pre-release!

There are two new starter boxes available for the Imperial Armada and the Pirates in exclusive presale from today.

Please note:

both starter boxes comes with character cards in German and English language  for Freebooter’s Fate 2.Edition - wich can be used with the first edition!


Also available - Cortante a specialist for the Brotherhood and a Mercenary.

Cortante with character cards in German and English language  for Freebooter’s Fate 2.Edition - wich can be used with the first edition!


All books and game cards of the first edition will be available at a special price!


We wish you a nice holiday season!


Your Team from Freebooter Miniatures

Ahoi you buccaneer all around the world!

Our ship is stuck in the ice, no more rum aboard and crew is off shore until Wednesday, 2nd January 2019. A really good start into 2019!

We would like to thank you for a wonderful year, wish a few relaxing days or as you wish, exciting days and lots of prey!

Do not slip out on the icy ground and good cards all the time!

Your freebooter team

Ahoy there, pirate bunch,

There are three new miniatures in November: 

Belette is a debonnish life artist and specialist who is supported by his two weasels Gauchi and Friponne.

Fonogra is a gifted singer - if you ask the goblins!

This year's limited figure is a swashbuckling mercenary: Hanna Solare! She fights for all crews and is limited to 1000.

Please note: All new characters will be delivered with the German character cards for the 2nd edition. The second edition is compatible with the first and the German language rule book will be released in December.

The English language character cards will soon be made available as a download unless they are attached to the characters.


Special prices for FF 013 Battles and SPE 002 Wolfgangs Mortar School.

Restock of card deck boxes in cool colors by Ultimate guard 

All new items are available immediately.

Your Freebooter Team

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