Vive la Debonn!  You pirates, light sailors and coastal boatmen, let's speak Freebooterfrench! 

Now put your sunglasses down and greet our new crew in Longfall: Debonn!


The Debonn Starter box contains a well-drilled crew that can put a lot of fire on the enemy when they work together.

• 4 highly-detailed metal figure kits. The leader Jeanne-Jaques Raynal, the specialist Taumata and two Fusiliers as deckhand characters.
• 3 special Equipment cards for Debonn
• English-language and German-language character cards and starter rules for Debonn.  


The crew consists of the leader Jeanne-Jaques Raynal DEB 001.

Taumata DEB 004 as the specialist. A more than passable melee.


And two Fusiliers DEB 003 as deckhands.


All products are available now.

Sincerely your Freebooter Team

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