Iron ball! Hard canonballs crack on stained bodies. Despairing men, women, and thingies throw themselves within the path of tons of iron.Feuds are settled and born.

SPE 003 Ironball is our new expansion for Freebooter's Fate. It comes with the referee Señora Ya Va, 3 cannonballs, 34 new event cards and detailed rules.



LIM 018 La Pelotera: this year's limited edition miniature comes sporty and is a excellent addition to your Ironball team. But even with a game of Freebooter's Fate La Pelotera is not to be underestimated. The best - she is a mercenary who can be hired for all. Limited to 1000 pieces and only while supplies last. 

MAT 003 Ironball gaming mat is temporarily out of stock. It will be available again shortly. 


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Sincerely your Freebooter Team

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