Ahoy there, pirate bunch,

new booty for the beginning of Spring!

First we have Tales of Longfall #4 "Vive la Debonn!" (German language) for you. The latest expansion book tells the story of the exiled Debonners on Désespèrance: How they manage to break out of prison, get the necessary equipment, get aboard a supply ship for their escape and finally reach our beloved island Leonera.

It's a new expansion book for Freebooter’s Fate. Including full rules for hiring a crew of Debonn, five exciting and elaborate scenarios and new characters for the existing crews. A4 Softcover, 40 pages.

The English language edition will be available in April.


The deboners get a new specialist - Armond. A gallant and foolhardy man with as much charm as martial art.


The mystics once again outdid themselves. Here comes Tronconneuse. A fearsome specialist with a good sense for smelling and a horrible and devastating mechanical chainsaw.


All new items are available from Thuesday, 13th March on.

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