Ahoy there, pirate bunch,

No April Fool's joke, but fact! A lot of new specialists aboard!

But let us start with Tales of Longfall #4 "Vive la Debonn!"  in English language.

The latest expansion book tells the story of the exiled Debonners on Désespèrance: How they manage to break out of prison, get the necessary equipment, get aboard a supply ship for their escape and finally reach our beloved island Leonera.

It's a new expansion book for Freebooter’s Fate. Including full rules for hiring a crew of Debonn, five exciting and elaborate scenarios and new characters for the existing crews. A4 Softcover, 40 pages.


The Goblin Pirates gets two new specialists - Tarro and Ampara. Two new specialists and MWPs for the goblins - Tarro and Ampara. Like brother and sister they deceive every referee at a game of Ironball.


The mystics once again outdid themselves. Here comes Paltoquet. Another MWP - a Most wanted pirate. Very musical, with big sousaphone and hellish bang when "firing" a cannonball - not only with Ironball. 


All products are available now.

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