Arrrrrr to all pirates out there,

we have 4 novelties for you: Callado from the Imperial Armada, the Vieille Guard for Debonn and for the price consciouness ones among you, new Deck boxes

In detail:

Callado is a specialist and MWP of the Imperial Armada. With his Entrenador trait he can train one specialist or a kind of deckhands to give them a bonus on MOV. Besides, he's a hell of a "interceptor" in Ironball.


The Vieille Guard, the Old Guard are Debonn's deckhands. They are melee fighters who show what they are made of in a rank and file formation.



New card deck boxes at a more favourable price. Each one fits 80 sleeved cards. More colours are on the way.


All products are available now.

Happy May!

Your team of Freebooter Miniatures!

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