Dear fellow pirates across the sea!

Scurvy, plague and the terrible men's flu have the ship firmly under control. Nevertheless, we have new characters for you!

Salute - Contrary to previous announcements, we will not be at Salute this year. The reason being that at the time at which the decision had to be made, the official deadline for Brexit was just a few days before we would have to set sail for England – still is at the time of writing. Lovely as France undoubtedly is, the possibility of having to spend the Salute weekend marooned with a hold full of loot on one of its laybys is far less appealing and too much of a risk at this point as far as we can make out. Our apologies to all of you who were looking forward to seeing us and getting some shiny new miniature goodness. Salute has always been special to us and we really regret not going this year. We hope it all works out fine eventually and that we’ll see you next year.


Treville, the man who unites the rather quarrelsome and stubborn musketeers and leads them from victory to victory - Vive la Musketeer Corps!

Reinforcements for the Imperial Armada have arrived on the island - brand new Arquebusiere

Milagroso is a charlatan, and sometimes he wonders why his elixirs are working - just raise the price!


Restock von 4Ground!


Alle Neuheiten sind ab sofort erhältlich.

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