Ahoi Pirates,

All new is May! There is a fresh breeze blowing at Debon and the Cult. And our Pirate and Imperial pit babes ... um, er, ... characters are available separately.


Madame Potin & Mathis Senilo, an unlikely couple, constantly quarreling and bickering, but when the going gets tough, they stick together like Patix Plus.

Mom Chérie, a true benefactress, because she collects all the lost souls of the city - never to return.

El Venador and Rubio with their crews. Now also available separately - the characters from the new starter boxes of the Imperial Armada and the Pirates.




Finally, a huge SORRY! We have to postpone the release of the English language Rulebook again.Keep your fingers crossed that it's finally here at the beginning of Autumn!  


All products are available now.

Your team of Freebooter Miniatures!

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