Ahoi Pirates,

before we are going into vacation (15th till 30th June) we have a lot of new treasures for you:

FF 035 Die Mannschaften - German language, ASS 030 Tossica, DEB 021 Pierre de Croar and ZUB 025 Size templates.


The crews. A 140-page book with the stories and rules for the characters published so far and some new characters in German language. This item will be delivered from Tuesday, June 11th.

Tossica, a merciless hunter armed with claws grooming of poison.

Pierre de Croar a minstrel without equal. Yes, really-there's no worse!


Size templates for small, medium and large characters.


Restock terrain of 4 Ground and Brick-a-brack or Gedöhns (a German word for small barricades and walls) from Micro Art Studios.   




We are on land-holidays - well deserved in our opinion - from June 15th till 30th.

All orders received after June 14, will be delivered beginning July 2nd.

Your Team of Freebooter Miniatures! 


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