Ahoi Pirates,

It's only 113 days till the end of the year. Come on, mates, get to the winch, lift anchor and set the sails, but jerkily!

On today's 252nd day of the year we have three cool new items for you!


 Apropro three! A truly fateful number for Tripolo. The new specialist of the Brotherhood.

ASS 029 Tripolo


The Debonner also get reinforcement by a rebellious young lady and specialist - La Crobate!

DEB 024 La Crobate



And Longfall continues to grow rapidly with a half-decayed Ruined Cabaña Caduco! - available now!

COL 004 Ruined Cabaña Caduco COL 004 Ruined Cabaña Caduco

All new items available now!

Yours Freebooter Team

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