Ahoi Pirates,

right after SPIEL we are going to Crisis in Antwerp and we have a lot of new items for you!

This year we start with our limited edition miniature the mercenary Anqui. A former Amazon with a passion for black powder weapons - big ones above all!

Victor Droiture - a handsome Debonner gentleman in best shape and age. Only for some he has an unpleasant profession, because he is a very dogged and ambitious inspector. ... well, in Longfall everybody should be careful of him.

 And Longfall continues to grow rapidly: with the half-decayed Ruined Cabaña Derumbar!  Do I hear rum? Was this a rum bar? One should quickly think about a reconstruction!

All new products are available now!

The best at the end: 2nd edition rules in English language ... bare bones! Available on Saturday on Wargames Vault.



Your Freebooter team

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