"Ahoy there people who prefer to have their rules for card-based fun and mayhem in English!

The long-ish, fancy version:

You may have noticed that we released the long-awaited English-language version of the second edition of Freebooter's Fate on the weekend. You may also have noticed that we called it the "bare bones" version and that it is an online download. And so many of you have wondered (and asked us) what you have to do to get your eager mitts on the juicy, meaty, full-fat print version. The one with all the pretty pictures, dramatic stories, witty comments, boaty bits, more scenarios etc.

Well, the good news is that there will be something like that and that you will be able to get it. The slightly less good news is that you will have to wait just a wee bit longer.

You see, what with quite a few of you living in a country which seems to be determined to get the full mileage out of social media's "it's complicated" relationship status, it's been a bit tricky. And so while we normally associate this sort of thing with motivating people to jump off the plank and among the sharks, we decided to give this "Kickstarter" thing a go.

So keep watching your standard news feed for all things Freebooter and you should see good news on the horizon from about March 2020 onwards (you know, once we've digested all the Christmas biccies, replenished the rum reserves and scraped the barnacles off the hull after the winter break).

Summary for executive pirates:

Want the 2nd edition rules in print rather than just electronically? There's gonna be a Kickstarter for it ca. March 2020.

Arrr! (in English)

The Freebooter Team"

Btw- here it is - 2nd edition bare bones online!


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