Ahoy Pirates!

Well, that's a nice surprise for holiday season!

The Cabaña Òrdago comes with an annex, several balconies and a grand staircase. The large terrace invites you to linger - of course the clever pirate can also take cover behind the thick wall.

Señor Fluffy Kitten - Cats have 9 lives say the people in Longfall. They are right!

In order for order to prevail in the street of Longfall, the Cazador guards must also go on patrol. At least in one half of the city.

The waters around Longfall don't freeze over. Not even in winter! The chic Acalco invites you on a boat trip, doesn't it?

All novelties are available immediately.

Apros pos - the last treasure chest will be shipped on Friday, 20th December. The team has shore leave until the 5th of January 2020!

We wish you a happy pre-Christmas season!

Your Freebooter Team

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