Ahoy New Year's Pirates - We set the sails!

Even if the crew is still hungover, we are sailing full speed ahead.

The character cards for all "old" limited characters and for the Legends are online - 3 pages with downloads!

German language for now - but see the schedule for March...


The Roadmap* for the first quarter of 2020: 

January 2020

AMA 026 Cuamitzli

PIR 030  Drunken Ivar 

COL 007 & 008  two different floors - fitting all Cabañas!



Februar 2020 

IMP 034  Cazador - resculpt

MYS 027  Le Gauche

COL 009 Walls

+ pre-release at the Tactica convention in Hamburg: Our new crew - the starter box "Shadows"!

More info and pictures soon.



März 2020 

MYS 028  Finka - Cult and Brotherhood

COL 010  Cabaña La Tanda

+ Kickstarter planned for the English edition of Freebooter's Fate 2nd edition!


We are looking forward to the further journey with you!


* As experience has shown that there can be delays in the individual production steps, we must reserve the right to make changes.

** ... and all who will be in 2020 ... and actually: all of you!

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