Ahoy pirates,

short February, short news:

Asqueroso's right hand is already at his side. But what about the left? Le Gauche with his cursed musket paves the way for all mystics.

Of course it doesn't take long before a Cazador appears on the scene and mercilessly persecutes the cultists.

Or shouldn't he better hunt something else?


...the shadows are coming! At the Tactica* in Hamburg! The characters of the shadow starter box can be purchased there*, including a beta version of the rules and character cards. Send us your feedback. The final cards will be released in October.

*Pssst: On the Tactica weekend, from 15th to 16th February they will be available here in the shop for a short time... pssst... don't tell anyone.

Only while stocks last!

All new products are available immediately.

Your Freebooter Team

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