Ahoy there, all you pirates confined below decks by choppy waters! And all of you heroic sailors braving the elements to keep the ship from capsizing!

Since many of you now have to spend a lot of time at home, we are offering free postage on any order totalling at least EUR 20*. Worldwide!

This applies until the covid-19 situation lets up significantly. The important thing is that we all stick together in spirit, keep apart physically, and keep the covid-19 from spreading - as much as we can.


We will continue to be there for you!


Even though the pandemic looms large above all of our heads, our ship sails ever on.

Mail order is still working and the courier fleet is still operational. We are very aware of our relevant responsibilities and have taken measures to protect our employees and you, our customers, as best we can. Because we would like all of us to be safe and secure. However, the various restrictions might lead to slight delays in you receiving your orders - please have a bit of patience in that regard.

Please continue to follow the official guidelines and recommendations as they apply to wherever you are, keep calm and be mindful – that way we’ll all get through these stormy seas with minimum damage.

Until then, if you want to use the time to engage in our hobby (even more than before), we’re happy to supply you with the stuff you need to do so.

Stay safe and healthy and be kind to each other!

Werner Klocke and the Freebooter Miniatures crew


*previously EUR 60










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